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Where does Spam come from?

Where does Spam come from?

November 25, 2014

Where does Spam come from? It would seem to be logical that if we can identify where spam comes from, it would be easy to stop the spammers. One of the parameters that spam filtering services work with is identifying the Internet Service Providers (ISP) of a message and then blocking the ISP. This is

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Nothing! *Ahem* …For the first month. With our introductory free month trial you can try before you buy. We do not pressure you into the service.Click here for information on pricing
…Is something you never hear our new signups say. On average we see setup times under 5 minutes. Send us your information and we will send you the DNS MX record changes you need to make. Then BOOM! Spam Filtering Activated!
Well Duh! Not only is the game fun, but you can make it really challenging for spam by lowering that limbo bar. You have complete access to your filter settings. Some of these settings include: Whitelisting, Blacklisting, Greylisting, Spam filtering Limbo Bar Control, Word Specific Scoring, Bayesian Control, and that is just the beginning.
Even if your business resides in the woods you will never be stuck alone. Our support team is always here for you and make sure to take care of any issues immediately and responsively.